The Team

Nick Porrini
Founder Biztract

In 1984 Nick founded Technologue, Inc., which was the heart of the $160 billion Automotive Aftermarket Parts industry. Among a list of accomplishments include developing the Industry’s most comprehensive “All Parts” database, along with “eCommerce Standards” that are used throughout North America and became part of a global standard.

In 2006 Technologue was given the nation’s highest honor for a company, the Five Star Award, by the Dept. of Defense and in 2007 Nick was honored by the Automotive Aftermarket industry with its prestigious “Visionary Award”.

In 2006 Nick sold Technologue, Inc. to the Hearst Corporation. He then formed Digital All-Star (DAS), LLC and began a second career in the field of Computer Graphic Imagery and Video Production. Among DAS’s notable clients are; Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays, Collegiate Images, Chevrolet, Sports Broadcasting Camps of America and the Boys and Girls Clubs. But that wasn’t enough, DAS has been transformed into a video entertainment, education and technology company called MiWare Corp.

In 2009, Nick formed BiZtract, LLC with plans to transform the 6500 SF space that occupied his original company into collaborative shared office space. At the time the comparison was a “Starbucks on Steroids”. Instead a couple of Doctors bought the space and created a Wellness Center. Nick held the note and when that partnership dissolved, Nick took the space back and began plans for a new and improved BiZtract.

With current research about the new collaborative work space environments, Nick learned the market is just now exploding and the timing couldn’t be better. In September 2015 BiZtract – Startup to Stardom Accelerator opened with the support of local Chambers, Universities, the Chester County Economic Development Council and SCORE.

Maureen Dee
CEO (Chief Entrepreneur Officer)

Maureen Dee is a consummate professional in every aspect of what she does–professionalism, relationship building, sales, client services and support, servant leadership, managerial courage, integrity, and personal accountability.  Maureen inspires everyone with whom she interacts and serves.  When Maureen says she will handle something, she handles it.  She is a trusted advisor and I have witnessed first hand all of this in her service of others, and in her working directly with me.  Maureen is a rare jewel in today’s business environment.

Jason Porrini
Co-founder Biztract

Jason is a jack of all trades with extensive business experience and management skills. Jason manages day to day operations at BiZtract, while continuing to help member businesses with creative solutions for video marketing and technology infrastructure.  Jason is here to support you and your business everyday.